20 Comics Explores a Whimsical World Where Art Meets Gaming Fun

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In the vibrant realm of online gaming and artistic expression, there exists a delightful personality known as Field Explores—a digital avatar of the beloved Grandma Field. She’s not your typical gaming wizard but rather an everyday enthusiast who’s woven her passion for Pokémon, artistry, and humor into a magical tapestry that captivates thousands.


It all began in 2019, when this unassuming enthusiast donned the moniker Field Explores and dipped her brush into the colorful universe of Pokémon. Her quirky, light-hearted drawings quickly caught the eyes and hearts of many, gathering a legion of 11,200 followers in no time. What set her apart? It was her unique knack for infusing silliness and comedy into the beloved Pokémon characters we all adore. Her artistic style? Playful, vibrant, and downright hilarious.

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Credit: Field Explores

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#1. Cat Comic

image 1904

#2. Good News

image 1905

#3. Good Night

image 1906

#4. Wake Up

image 1907

#5. Bad News

image 1909

But her talents didn’t just stop at drawing; they extended into the realm of live streaming on Twitch. Here, FieldExplores didn’t just play games—she orchestrated an interactive extravaganza. Her streams were more than just gameplay; they were vibrant, engaging performances where viewers became active participants. She didn’t merely navigate digital landscapes; she invited her audience to journey alongside her, sharing laughs, thoughts, and insights into the gaming worlds she explored.

#6. A new board game

image 1910

#7. Escaping

image 1911

#8. Grocery Shopping

image 1912

#9. Costume Contest

image 1913

#10. Trauma Squad

image 1914

#11. Silly Detective Pikachu is on the case

image 1915

What makes FieldExplores stand out isn’t just her artistic prowess or gaming skills; it’s her infectious enthusiasm and the sense of community she fosters. She’s the friendly face in the virtual crowd, welcoming newcomers and veterans alike into her world of fun and creativity. But beyond the joy she spreads through her art and streams, FieldExplores embodies something deeper—a beacon of inspiration for budding creatives. Her journey from an average enthusiast to a revered figure in the gaming sphere speaks volumes. She’s a testament to the fact that passion, authenticity, and a sprinkle of humor can pave the way for success and adoration.

#12. Whoopers

image 1916

#13. Important Question

image 1917

#14. Wait for them

image 1918

#15. Computer

image 1919

#16. Competitive Video Games

image 1920

As the digital landscape evolves, one thing remains certain: Field Explores will continue to shine brightly, painting smiles on faces and inspiring countless others. Her legacy isn’t just in pixels and sketches; it’s in the joy she brings and the community she nurtures. Field Explores—a blend of gaming, artistry, and laughter—stands tall, a testament to the endless possibilities when passion meets creativity in the boundless realms of the internet. And as she continues to explore, entertain, and create, one can’t help but eagerly anticipate the joyous adventures yet to come in her whimsical world.

#17. Too Scary

image 1921

#18. New Friend

image 1922

#19. Relations

image 1923

#20. Hide

image 1924

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