20 Times Dan Piraro Sums Up Humor in One Panel to Make People Laugh 

We’re back to bring you even more one-panel jokes because many people love to enjoy single-panel humor. You are all familiar with Dan Piraro, so allow me to introduce him. His native country is America. He is a multi-talented artist best known for his syndicated comic panel, Bizarro, which has won many prizes. This one-panel comic strip is well-known for its bizarre comedy, unusual circumstances, and strange perspectives on life.


His comics primarily include strange people, talking animals, and shocking turns that challenge our understanding of reality. Funny situations drawn in single-panel comics are where the artist really shines. Because Piraro is a writer and performer as well, he is more than just an artist. he has produced a one-man performance and his trademark Bizarro cartoons. His Instagram following is 95,600. Let’s examine a few of his most recent cartoons.

Credit: Bizarro

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#1. Believe


#2. Stay in tune


#3. Cut All

#4. Straw


#5. Machinery

#6. Blood Sample


The Cartoonist has been creating the humorous one-panel comic strip Bizarro since 1985. Despite having an extensive Instagram following, he regularly gains new followers every day. He didn’t aim to approximate the look of classic comic strips; instead, he developed his own unique visual style. Rather, he makes space for another kind of humor by capturing the strange, the unexpected, and the ridiculous situations.

#7. Keep Calm

#8. Flight


#9. Covered

#10. Accident


#11. Enjoy

#12. Instagram Pics


#13. Pleased

The comic strip was then taken over by Wayno Honath in 2018. It shows a single panel with a variety of bizarre and funny situations. His comics are full of hilarious real-life situations that are twisted, with characters acting strangely. His fans are always expecting his new comics since they think they’re hilarious. Feel free to click  HereHereHereHere and Here to read his previous articles on our website.

#14. First Patient


#15. Look Stupid

#16. Dog


#17. Funny Business

#18. Tunnel Of Love


#19. Frosting

#20. Clinical Approach


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