Here are 20 Single-Panel Bizarro Comics That Will Make You Laugh out Loud

You are going to be extremely healthy if laughter truly is the best medicine. Dan Piraro is back with his witty, humorous, and silly comics about a wide range of ridiculous scenarios. His humorous single-penal comics are really entertaining. Bizarro is the artist’s stage name. He is an American. The artist is an expert at capturing hilarious situations only in single panel comics.

His name-based web comic series is what has made him more well-known. His fan base continues to expand, despite the fact that he has been drawing comics for a long time. He has now successfully accumulated up to 96,000 Instagram followers, and the number of his followers is continually rising. We have compiled his best 20 comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy these comics, then feel free to scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Dan Piraro

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#1. Empty

#2. Thinner

#3. Alternate


#4. So Natural

#5. Tired Feet

#6. Bonus Room


If you’re not familiar with Dan Piraro, he’s an American cartoonist and illustrator who has been making the funny single-panel comic strip Bizarro since 1985. In spite of many followers on his Instagram account, he continues to make a new one every single day, and his works have been published in different newspapers throughout the globe over the years.

#7. Gloating

#8. Effective

#9. Filling


#10. Social Worker

#11. Command

#12. Undercover Reporters


#13. Stable Environment

The artist’s primary goal is to create a fresh comic every day that stands out from those of other creators. Not everyone likes bizarro comics. The bizarre comedy may be strange or even disturbing to certain people. But, one laugh at a time, Piraro’s world offers a distinct and amusing perspective on life for people who accept the unexpected and value the ridiculous. Click this Here, HereHereHereHere, And Here to see some of his previous posts on Boredcomics.

#14. Dark Outside

#15. Anonymously


#16. Character

#17. Spotless

#18. Habitats


#19. Squad Car

#20. Boxing Day

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