By Cartoonist “Dan Piraro”, Here are the 25 Single Panel Comics That might Amuse you

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Today, we are introducing you an artist who makes single penal comics which are full of humour. The good name of the artist is “Dan Piraro”. He is from America. He is better known as for his webcomic series which based on his name. He have been drawing comics for about many years and the fanbase steadily keeps growing. Now he has successfully achieved upto 92.6k fans on his instagram account and his fans are still growing.


If you don’t know who Dan Piraro is, you may have heard of the American illustrator and cartoonist who has been creating the hilarious single-panel comic strip Bizarro since 1985. In spite of many followers on his instagram account, he continue to create a new one every single day, and his works have been published in countless newspapers around the globe over the years.

The main aim of the artist is to make new comic everyday that is different from other artist’s comics. While he has produced thousands of comics with a variety of topics and themes. If you want to make your mood happy then ay down on the couch, relax and scroll down below to check out some of Piraro’s classic comics in the following section. Have fun!

Credit: Dan piraro

More info: Instagram


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