Artist Illustrates Bizarre And Absurd Situations In 30 Humor Comics

If laughing is the best medicine, then you are about to be very healthy. Dan Piraro is back with his humorous, sarcastic and goofy comics about all kinds of absurd situations. Dan’s comics are very popular in more than 360 newspapers and are shared on the Internet. So you’ve probably seen them before.

The artist has a very simplistic style, very nostalgic and reminiscent of old-school comics. Dan manages to create a clever story and do the closing on a panel.

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More information about him and his work are available on Dan’s website: If you’ve ever seen Dan Piraro’s critically acclaimed Bizarro comic (and you have: it is published daily in over 360 newspapers), you know that he doesn’t see the world as the rest of us. His one-paneled gems are a unique mix of surreal imagery, social commentary, and clever puns. In fact, if Salvador Dalí, Garry Trudeau, and Oscar Wilde had illegitimate children, that kid would be Dan Piraro.



Dan is a vegan, animal rights activist, atheist, NRA hater, ex-husband, father, stand-up comedian, painter, former FOX TV utopian host, and his livelihood cartoonist, every day. , 365 days new cartoon. But he is not necessarily all of them.


















I grew up in the United States, but when I visited Europe at the age of 20, I fell in love with traveling abroad. Fortunately, my career as a cartoonist made me travel to different parts of the world. Five years ago, I left the United States forever. Now I live in Central Mexico. The challenges of cultural differences and learning a new language are thrilling, and working with Vizaro is It’s inspiring me to create all sorts of art that’s completely different, the artist tells us in detail about himself.










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