20 Boumerie Comics Beautifully Sum Up Parenthood Situations

Let me introduce you to another talented cartoonist who creates beautiful comics about parenting scenarios. Boumeries is a comic book series authored by Samantha Leriche-Gionet, also known as Boum, a Montreal, Canada-based independent comic book artist and illustrator. Boum talks about her life with her programming partner Pierre-Luc, their kids Margot and Annette, working from home, and juggling daily tasks with a sense of humor and relatability.

She has been creating webcomics under the name Boumeries since 2011, and she updates them three days a week. She posts her comics regularly on her Instagram account, onwhich she currently has a family of 6,013 followers. We’re here to bring you yet another excellent collection of comics covering every scenario involving parents. If you want to enjoy these comics, then scroll down to the following section.

Credit: Boumerie

More Info: Instagram | Website

#1. Simba

#2. Super Gross

#3. Pee


#4. Get the message

#5. Scratch

#6. Too Small


Before having children, the subject matter of her humorous comics was mostly about her and her boyfriend playing video games. This had a profound impact on her writing and painting. She began drawing cartoons to document her experiences as a new mother and discovered that a lot of people could identify with them.

#7. Sleep

#8. Pizza

#9. Super Market


#10. Unexpected

#11. Hurry Up

#12. Don’t Know


#13. Car Repaired

#14. Relatable

Her comics are visually beautiful and captivating due to their unique, rounded style, expressive characters, and black and white colors. Boum doesn’t hesitate to add something bizarre and unexpected to her realistic narrative by introducing fanciful aspects. All you have to do is click this link to enjoy her previous posts.

#15. Castle


#16. Chocolate

#17. Good Morning

#18. Ready to Order


#19. Time for a shower

#20. At the park

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