20 Sola Saki Comics Based on Everyday Observations and Random Thoughts

You’re in the right place if you enjoy strange comics, because we have another amazing artist for you today. This one uses his cartoons to make his audience laugh. We are happy to introduce Surbhi Suman, a superb artist. Sola Saki Comics is an Instagram account that she created. Since 2020, the artist has been doing weekly sketches for comics. She is an artist, a graphic designer, and a brilliant cartoonist.


She has 4,809 followers on Instagram, which is a good number. The author of this online comic enjoys sketching and doodling. She has created comics with original ideas to fulfill her passion. Her comics are primarily inspired by unexpected ideas from daily life. If you continue reading this blog, you will find yourself laughing out loud at his humor almost immediately.

Credit: Sola Saki Comics

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#1. Sad


#2. See this


#3. Thinking

#4. Amazes Me


#5. Drawing

#6. Collecting Stones


The artist’s work is visually humorous and entertaining because it often involves tricks of the eye, hidden things, and double meanings. She posts her artwork on social media, where it is greatly shared and appreciated by users worldwide. Her drawings are usually created in an eye-catching, simple style that improves understanding.

#7. Skilled

#8. Know Each other


#9. Bye

#10. Being Imaginary


#11. Poem

#12. Story


#13. Partners

#14. Busy


The cartoonist is a master at creating comics from common observations and desires. The work she creates acts as a helpful reminder that humor can be effectively conveyed through art. She is making others laugh by expressing her original, typical opinions. So people can enjoy her comics and put their problems away. Don’t forget to click the share button if you agree.

#15. Shooting Star

#16. Hangout


#17. Precious Thing

#18. Reality


#19. Existence

#20. Miss You


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