20 Amy Revives Comics Beautifully Sums Up Her Daily Life Being a Medical Student

Amy Revives is a female artist in the world of Instagram who creates comics about herself. The artist goes by the same name on her Instagram account. She is a young female artist based in the Netherlands. The artist draws humorous and relatable drawings about her experiences as a medical student, friends, family, and daily life. She posts about her art on several social media sites, including Instagram.

Basically, she is a twenty-eight-year-old medical student by profession. Amy started creating comics in 2018 in response to a challenge from a friend. She quickly realized that making comics was something she enjoyed and was skilled at. Since then, her comics have been followed by almost 95,600 users on Instagram. She hopes that by making you laugh, you will be able to temporarily put your difficulties behind you and smile honestly.

Credit: Emy Revives

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#1. Doing Great

#2. Do you snore or have any other funny sleeping habits

#3. Trusty Shoes


#4. Weather

#5. Unknown Number


#6. Come On

Basically, she makes funny and realistic drawings about her everyday life as a girl. She usually bases her drawings on real-life events, such as handling a cat’s needs for attention while working or attempting to find the right outfit. Her comics are highly known for their perfect sense of humor, comedy, and sharp observations.

#7. Black Hands and Feet

#8. Be Patient


#9. It Worked

#10. Art Block

#11. Carrot


#12. Long Nails

#13. Perfection

By addressing genuine experiences and normal situations in her comics, she loves to find humor in sometimes awkward moments. Through her artwork, she hopes to establish connections with people and make them laugh. That’s why she reads the comments and mostly replies to her fans. If you think her comics are humorous, don’t forget to share this article and leave a comment. You can click  HereHere And Here for more fun.

#14. Rejection


#15. Stop Growing

#16. Sunset Pictures

#17. trouble finding sunglasses


#18. Party

#19. Short Dress

#20. Female Soap


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