Here are 20 Witty Girl Comics by a Cartoonist Who is a Medical Student

Welcome to the whimsical world of Emy Revives Comics, where humor and science collide in a delightful concoction of creativity! Crafted by a talented cartoonist who leads a fascinating double life as a comic artist by night and a dedicated microbiologist by day, her comics offer a unique perspective that blends the wonders of science with clever wit. Through her charming illustrations, she effortlessly weaves together her passion for both art and science.

Emy Revives Comics are a series of funny and relatable comics created by Amy Revives, a 24-year-old medical student from the Netherlands. Amy’s comics often focus on everyday life experiences, such as trying to get work done while your cat is demanding attention or the struggle of trying to find the perfect outfit. Her comics are also known for their witty humor and clever observations. Through her comedy, she hopes you put a beautiful, broad smile on your face and, at least for a moment, forget your worries.

Amy started creating comics in 2018 after being challenged by a friend. She quickly realized that she enjoyed making comics and that she was good at it. Since then, her comics have gained a following of over 100,000 people on Instagram. Amy also has a Patreon page where she offers exclusive content to her supporters. In addition to her comics, Amy is also an illustrator and a graphic designer. Amy is passionate about using her art to make people laugh and to connect with others. So, prepare to be charmed by the whimsy of Witty Girl Comics as it shines a spotlight on the lighter side of the scientific world, one comic at a time.

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Credit: Emy Revives

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#1. Merry Christmas!

#2. House plants

#3. Save yourself

#4. Only one pilot

#5. Extra fluffy tights

#6. Samples

#7. Eye liner

#8. Do you like plants?

#9. Baking food

#10. Cat lady syndrome

#11. Separate our rubbish!

#12. Just cook me

#13. Work clothes

#14. Chicken legs

#15. New member

#16. Crumbling

#17. Yoga

#18. Singing

#19. Sketch book

#20. Honing look!

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