Fuuny Comics by a medical student who did not dare to become a comedian, but finally got the courage (20 comics)

I just wanted to make a joke for a while but I didn’t really dare. Here are some of the ones I made in the last two weeks. The style is a bit contradictory because I’m still trying to figure out what looks best.

I am a medical student studying to become a doctor in Rotterdam, and at the same time I dream of becoming a cardiologist. Through medicine, I have learned that although the physical body is very important, mental health is also very important when it comes to being a prosperous and healthy person. Although I can’t help you physically right now, I’m able to help you mentally. Smiling smiles flood the body and mind with happy chemicals and lift your overall mood, make you feel more energized and reduce stress. Through my humor, I hope to put a beautiful broad smile on your face and, at least moment by moment, make you forget your worries.

I’ve always loved to do art in my spare time, I was already drawing before I learned to walk, and maybe even talking – even though they didn’t like it much at the time. When I got my first drawing pill when I was 12, I was jumping off the wall with pure joy and excitement! I spent countless nights getting to know and practice the digital world of decoration. I explored realism as well as abstraction but I found that I was happiest in making jokes about everyday life. I try and present the disturbing anxieties that most of us have to deal with in the light of humor through our drawings on a semi-daily basis.

I hope you like them!

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