20 Comics By A Medical Student Who Never Had The Guts To Become A Comic Artist, But Finally Dared To (New Pics)

Amy Revives is a 23-year-old medical student in the Netherlands. when she dreams of becoming an artist, another of her passions is creating comics – something she started doing in 2018 after much hesitation. Fast forward two years and Amy currently has around 100k followers on her Instagram who are eagerly awaiting her latest funny and related comics.


We’ve featured some of Amy’s comedians before, and now she’s back – checks them out in the gallery below!

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Through medicine, Amy has learned that the physical body is very important for one’s well-being, as well as their mental health, which is vital for a good life. The student said that she may not be able to help anyone with a physical aspect for now, but she hopes that her comics can help her with a mental aspect. Laughing and smiling flood the body and mind with pleasant chemicals and overall lifts your mood, makes you feel more active, and reduces stress. Through my comedians, I hope you put a beautiful broad smile on your face and, at least for a moment, you forget your worries.










Amy always loves to do art in her spare time. I was drawing before I knew how to walk, and maybe even talking – although at the time they probably weren’t very visible.

When she was 12, Amy got her first drawing. Instant excitement bounced off the walls with pure joy. He said I spent late nights practicing and exploring the digital world of art. I searched for realism as well as abstraction, but I found that I was funny about everyday life. I’m the happiest writing.
















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