This artist depicts the same situation from two different perspectives in 20 two-panel comics




In the bustling city park, the sun casts a warm glow on the vibrant scene below. From the first perspective, a young artist seated on a bench absorbed the tranquil beauty of nature, her sketchbook capturing the intricate dance of leaves in the gentle breeze. The chirping birds provided a melodic soundtrack to her creative process, and the distant laughter of children playing added a joyful ambiance to the tableau. The park was a serene haven, an oasis of inspiration where every stroke of her pencil seemed to harmonize with the peaceful surroundings.

From the second perspective, a businessman hurriedly strode through the same park, his mind preoccupied with deadlines and meetings. The rustling leaves and avian symphony went unnoticed as he briskly navigated the path, his focus consumed by the smartphone in his hand. The laughter of children, once a charming melody, now blends into the background noise of his urban hustle. For him, the park was a transitory space, a shortcut between obligations, rather than a haven of serenity. The same picturesque scene unfolded, but the two perspectives painted vastly different emotional landscapes.

You can see such comics by simply clicking here, here, and here.

Credit: YES, BUT

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#1. Relatable

#2. Notch Camera

#3. Travelling

#4. T-Shirt

#5. Hair Styles

#6. Halloween Party

Yes, But‘ emerges as a brilliant gem in the crown of humor, weaving everyday life’s absurdities into a succinct, two-panel masterpiece. Created by the talented Russian artist Anton Gudim, this web comic series has captivated the digital audience with its minimalistic approach to exposing the nuances of human existence. As we unravel the charm of ‘Yes, But,’ we discover a digital narrative that transcends cultural boundaries, presenting the same situations from two different perspectives and amassing a staggering 1.3 million followers.

#7. Mug

#8. Puzzle Game

#9. Everyone Can Relate

#10. Ever Experienced?

#11. Beef Burger

#12. Sale

At the heart of ‘Yes, But’ lies the genius of Anton Gudim, who distills complex observations about the human experience into bite-sized visual anecdotes. The two-panel structure serves as a canvas for Gudim to paint the duality of life’s situations, shedding light on the humor inherent in everyday absurdities and hypocrisies. The simplicity of the comic’s design belies the depth of thought encapsulated within each frame, making it accessible to a diverse audience that spans across borders.

#13. Dry

#14. Haircut

#15. Ice

#16. Hilarious

#17. Painting

Anton Gudim’s minimalistic approach becomes a powerful tool for conveying complex ideas with brevity and impact. Each comic strip, with its clever interplay of words and imagery, invites viewers to fill in the gaps with their own interpretations. This interactive element not only engages the audience but also fosters a sense of shared understanding as readers bring their perspectives to the narrative. The comment sections beneath each post serve as a virtual forum for lively discussions, where the global community dissects the nuances of Gudim’s creations, adding layers to the richness of the comic’s impact.

#18. Marketing

#19. That’s True

#20. Cute

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