20 Illustrations by an Artist Who Focuses on Motherhood and Fostering Attachment




In the vast and dynamic world of Instagram, one account stands out as a heartwarming haven for parents navigating the joys and challenges of raising children. O Trocatintas, created by Rita Navarro, a Portuguese psychiatrist and illustrator, beautifully marries the realms of mental health and art to foster a community centered around motherhood and attachment parenting. With a notable following of 110,000 on Instagram, Navarro’s illustrations have become a source of inspiration and reassurance for parents worldwide.

Rita Navarro’s journey into the realm of O Trocatintas is a unique intersection of her professional expertise as a psychiatrist and her personal experiences as a mother. Through her illustrations, she delicately weaves together the threads of attachment parenting, early childhood development, and the everyday nuances of motherhood. Her drawings capture not only the laughter and tender moments but also the challenges that come with nurturing the parent-child bond.

Credit: O Trocatintas

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The heart of O Trocatintas lies in Navarro’s commitment to highlighting the significance of attachment in a child’s formative years. Her illustrations serve as a visual guide, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections and the role they play in shaping a child’s emotional and social well-being. Through relatable and often humorous depictions, she creates a space where parents can find solace in shared experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding.







The Instagram account o_trocatintas has become a valuable resource for parents seeking insights into attachment parenting. Navarro’s blend of professional knowledge and artistic expression transforms her feed into an engaging platform for learning and dialogue. Her illustrations not only entertain but also educate, offering a unique perspective on the intricate dance of parenthood. Her illustrations shine as a beacon of wisdom, humor, and compassion. Reminding us all that, in the tapestry of parenthood, the threads of attachment and love weave a story that is uniquely beautiful for each family.









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