20 Times This Cartoonist Shows Dark Humor in the Absurdity of Everyday Life




The mastery of capturing dark humor lies in an artist’s ability to delicately dance on the fine line between discomfort and amusement. It requires a keen understanding of the human psyche, an astute observation of societal nuances, and a skillful play with irony. The artist, like a skilled alchemist, transforms grim subjects into comedic gold, allowing the audience to confront the darker facets of life with a twisted grin. Through nuanced storytelling and subversive visual language, they navigate taboo topics, challenging societal norms and pushing the boundaries of acceptability.

It’s an art form that demands a delicate touch, a sharp wit, and an intuitive sense of timing, as the artist invites the audience to peer into the shadows and find humor in the most unexpected, often unsettling, places. In the hands of a talented creator, dark humor becomes a mirror reflecting the absurdity of our human experience, offering a cathartic release that transcends the somber nature of its inspiration.

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Credit: Last Place Comics

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#1. Hot New Dance

#2. We can’t hold him back

#3. Untouchable

#4. Paralysis

#5. What’s he staring at?

#6. Wait

Among the maestros who expertly navigate this delicate and often controversial terrain, Zach Cranor emerges as a standout figure, skillfully crafting a niche that captivates and challenges audiences. As we explore the realm of dark humor, we delve into the expertise of Zach Cranor, an artist whose work transcends the conventional, pushing the boundaries of laughter into the shadows. Dark humor, with its nuanced blend of wit and morbidity, requires a delicate touch and an acute understanding of the human psyche.

#7. Sleep Paralysis

#8. Sailor

#9. Here comes the airplane

#10. Get out of here

#11. Second Phase

#12. Big Dinosaurs

Last Place Comics is a web comic created by Zach Cranor. It is an absurd web comic where things rarely go well. The comic follows the lives of a cast of characters who are all struggling to make it in the world, but they always seem to be coming up short. Cranor’s comics are known for their dark humor and their willingness to tackle difficult topics. He often uses his comics to explore themes such as mental health, addiction, and social isolation. Despite their dark subject matter, Cranor’s comics are also surprisingly heartwarming. He often finds humor in the absurdity of everyday life, and he has a knack for creating characters who are both relatable and endearing. He has 169,000 Instagram followers.

#13. Marketing Department

#14. Judgement

#15. The Glitch

#16. Huge Spider

#17. Last Second

Zach Cranor, known for his mastery of this genre, creates art that resonates with those who appreciate the beauty in the macabre and find solace in the absurdity of life’s darker corners. His work often explores themes that, on the surface, might seem unsettling, but through his unique lens, they become avenues for introspection and laughter.

Beyond the surface-level shock value, Zach Cranor’s dark humor often serves as a coping mechanism, providing a cathartic release for audiences grappling with the complexities of life. His work allows viewers to confront fears, anxieties, and societal taboos through the lens of humor, creating a space where the uncomfortable becomes approachable. This ability to transform the sinister into the comical is a testament to Cranor’s skill in navigating the intricate dance between light and dark.

#18. Bumper Stickers

#19. Don’t be like me

#20. Feelings

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