Here are the 20 Absurd and Silly Comics by the Artist “Zach Cranor”

Here are the 20 Absurd and Silly Comics by the Artist “Zach Cranor”

Today, we are here to talk about an artist who is the owner of webcomic series known as “Last Place Comics”. The creative mind behind this webcomic series is “Zach Cranor”. Usually the artist makes long comic strips rather than 4 panels. In his comics, the main focus of the artist is on the topics like life, death, relationships, technology, and many more.

Randomness aand Silliness is the main theme or key feature of last place comics. As written in his bio, “a silly webcomic where things rarely go well”. The artist started drawing comics just as a funny way to make his friends laugh. Then he got so much success that he is able to earned the audience of 125k on his instagram account.

The “last place comics” name is because it is the last place where you find humour, silly and Absurd comics. He also says that I thought I was a pretty funny guy but didn’t have the confidence to do something like live comedy, so comics were a way to try to be funny without being social or having the social skills. Let’s take a look on some of his comics in the gallery below.

Credit: Last Place Comics

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