20 Toothy BJ Comics Full of Surprising Twists and Unpredictable Endings

We’re back to talk about a popular entertainer who is famous for using dark humor to make his fans laugh. The Instagram account Toothy BJ is well-known for its audacious comedy. The creator of this web comic decides to remain anonymous to his readers, thereby protecting his identity. However, his audience is always entertained by his comics. His comics usually consist of four panels with short captions.


He usually talks about mortality, worry, and the meaningless nature of life. Fans of this artist enjoy the honest stuff he usually creates. The author’s humorous content helped him get 127,000 followers. His comics have been featured on many websites and newspapers, and he has a large social media following. The collection of his best comics is below.

Credit: Toothy BJ

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#1. Male spell


#2. Two Things


#3. Give Up

#4. Beverages


#5. Tell me

#6. Predator


The creator uses a dark comedic theme when creating comics. His comics have become famous for their dark humor and ability to address unexpected or strange subjects. Despite having considered comics as a job in 2017, he didn’t truly begin until after an argument in 2018. He says that with time, his comics grew and became better, and this has gotten positive reactions.

#7. Ringing

#8. Answer Me


#9. Out of control

#10. People


#11. Devil’s Advocate

#12. Detective


#13. No

#14. Talent Show


Since his comics may look ridiculous, they are usually entertaining and interesting. They challenge us to reconsider what we think and ask us to think about life’s purpose. His website features comics that are thought-provoking, funny, and dark. It’s absolutely something to look into. You may purchase his artwork on his website, Tapas, and Instagram. You can also enjoy his previous posts by going Here And Here on our website.

#15. Costume Play

#16. Dog Tags


#17. Alien Relations

#18. Light House


#19. Idea

#20. That’s what friends are for


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