This Artist Comics are a Perfect Rollercoaster Ride of Laughs and Relatable Moments (35 Drawings)




If you’re into comics, you might have heard of Marko Raassina, a Finnish comic artist extraordinaire! He’s a wizard of creativity and is most famous for his web comic called “Nerd and Jock.” But hey, that’s not all he’s got up his sleeve! Marko’s artistic prowess doesn’t stop there; he’s the brains behind several other cool comics like “Joonas ja Kaisa.”

What sets Marko apart is his knack for bringing characters to life on the web. “Nerd and Jock” isn’t just any comic; it’s a rollercoaster ride of laughs, drama, and relatable moments that keep fans glued to their screens. Plus, his other creations, like “Joonas ja Kaisa,” showcase his versatility and storytelling skills.

Credit: Marko Raassina

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#1. Autumn Breeze

#2. Are you sure?

Marko’s not just a genius with a pen; he’s also a social media sensation! His Instagram account is like a treasure trove for comic enthusiasts, boasting over a whopping 527,000 followers. That’s like having a packed stadium cheering for your creativity! He uses this platform to share his latest and greatest comics, giving fans a sneak peek into his artistic universe. For Marko, ideas can strike like lightning bolts out of the blue. It might be something he saw while walking down the street, a funny conversation, or even a dream that plants the seed for a new comic. He’s got an eye for turning everyday situations into hilarious and relatable stories.

#3. Happy Halloween

#4. Holding Hands

What keeps Marko going? It’s his sheer love for storytelling. He’s passionate about weaving tales that resonate with people, making them chuckle, ponder, or simply brighten their day with his art. But hey, it’s not all smooth sailing! Marko knows that creativity isn’t just about the ‘Eureka!’ moment; it’s about the grind. Sometimes, ideas don’t flow, but he doesn’t let that stop him. He keeps pushing, sketching, and experimenting until that perfect storyline or joke emerges.

#5. Won

In a nutshell, Marko Raassina isn’t just a comic artist; he’s a maestro of laughter, emotions, and relatability. Through his comics and social media presence, he’s made his mark in the world of web entertainment, bringing joy to thousands with his artistic brilliance. So next time you’re scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon a side-splitting comic, there’s a good chance it might just be one of Marko Raassina’s masterpieces!

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