20 The Pigeon Gazette Comics Shows Her Own Experiences about Relationships

We’re back today with another collection of comics by an outstanding creator you may recognize, based on relationships and events from real life. Let me introduce you to The Pigeon Gazette, which is the name of a web comic that cartoonist and illustrator Jane Zei created. It features amusing, relevant slices of life. With clever expression and eye-catching graphics, it highlights Jane’s personal experiences with relationships, jobs, adulthood, and more.

The artist claims that while she had been in a relationship, she was motivated to attempt something new after the breakup. She believes that the internet and social media were the appropriate places for her at this particular time in her life, as The Pigeon Gazette has taken off beyond her greatest dreams. That’s how this comic strip got its start. Now, she has 187,000 followers on her Instagram account. Let’s explore some of her best works.

Credit: The Pigeon Gazette

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#1. Thrilling Life

#2. Pillow Fight

#3. Home with the fam

#4. Bad Days

#5. Can’t Vote

#6. Dentist

She is a girl who enjoys playing video games but struggles with social anxiety when faced with the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Jane Zei skillfully shows a character in her artwork who struggles with the struggles of everyday life. She always captures her daily life experiences in her relatable comics.

#7. Talking in Chat

#8. Talking in Person

#9. Bad

#10. April Fools

#11. Running Low

#12. Clean up a bit more

#13. The final Test

#14. Good Little boys

The struggles a person with social anxiety has on a daily basis are expertly illustrated by the artist. Her comics usually depict a smart girl in a variety of social scenarios that will emotionally relate to anyone who struggles with social situations. We hope you also relate to and enjoy her comics. For more comics on our website, feel free to click here and here.

#15. Research Lab

#16. Double the offer

#17. Child Thing

#18. So relatable

#19. Hilarious

#20. Help

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