This Artist’s 25 Comics illustrate Awkward Situations to which most people can Relate

We are all aware that the comic strip industry is a creative haven for artists. Indeed, there are countless comics with a wide range of subjects and concepts. Have you ever read a cartoon that depicts uncomfortable real-world occurrences, though? With their talent and originality, artists never cease to amaze the world. We have another top-notch selection of comics for you as a result.

A socially awkward person’s daily struggles are beautifully depicted in Jane Zei’s webcomic, The Pigeon Gazette. Her Instagram following of over 196,000 people has already been built through her humorous comics, and it is only growing. Every socially awkward person will find Jane’s comic about a nerdy girl painfully relatable because it follows her in all kinds of social situations.

Her comics feature a geeky girl who enjoys playing video games but finds it difficult to socialize. Despite being a nerd who struggles with social anxiety, the artist never let her inhibitions prevent her from attempting to go out there. She always makes an effort and wishes for success. See some of her realistic comics below, covering topics like making small talk and handling adult responsibilities.

Credit: The Pigeon Gazette

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