Navigating Everyday Awkwardness Through the 20 Relatable World of Girls Comics


Where imagination runs wild, there exists a special place that mirrors real-life situations—a place where even the most awkward moments become relatable and amusing. Have you ever stumbled upon a comic strip that mirrors the uncomfortable yet familiar instances we face in our everyday lives? Well, welcome to ‘The Pigeon Gazette,’ a delightful webcomic by the talented artist Jane Zei, where the daily struggles of a socially awkward person are beautifully depicted.

Jane Zei’s creation has garnered an impressive following of over 188,000 individuals on Instagram, and the numbers keep soaring. What is the reason behind this immense popularity? Her comics resonate deeply with anyone who has ever felt a tad socially awkward. The protagonist, a nerdy girl, leads us through a whirlwind of social situations that many of us encounter but find difficult to navigate smoothly. If you want to enjoy more, then click here.

Credit: The Pigeon Gazette

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#1. Hot Singles


#2. Sounds Good

#3. Mountain Lion


#4. Apple Picking

#5. Stop cringing at me


A geeky girl who loves diving into video games yet feels the weight of social anxiety when faced with the complexities of human interaction. Through her art, Jane Zei effortlessly brings to life a character who grapples with the paradox of enjoying solitary hobbies while also longing for connection. What’s remarkable is that despite her character’s inhibitions, she never shies away from venturing out. Instead, she bravely steps into the realm of socializing, armed with her earnest efforts and a wish for success.

#6. Pooping at Work

#7. Happy Holidays


#8. Crash

#9. Take This Prescription


#10. Say Something Nice!

Within ‘The Pigeon Gazette,’ you’ll find an array of realistic comics that capture the essence of relatable struggles. From the daunting task of making small talk to the overwhelming responsibilities of adulthood, Zei’s artistry sheds light on these everyday challenges with humor and authenticity.

#11. Late For Work


#12. Needs Improvement

#13. Winter Season


#14. Siblings

#15. Too tired to cry


#16. Please Stop!

Take, for instance, her comics on navigating small talk—that unavoidable social ritual that many find unnerving. Through her illustrations, Jane Zei not only captures the awkwardness but also manages to find the humor in these moments, making them strangely endearing. Additionally, she delves into the complexities of handling adult responsibilities. Her portrayal of the nerdy protagonist facing the daunting tasks of grown-up life strikes a chord with readers who can relate to the overwhelming feeling of balancing responsibilities with social anxiety.

#17. Wedding Invitation!


#18. When you try to move on with your life but the universe is all ‘hold my beer’

#19. Depressing


#20. Keep it classy assy

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