20 The Kao Comics Shows the Everyday Adventures of the Artist Himself


The Kao is an Instagram account famous for its colorful and relatable comics. It was created by a well-known illustrator and comic artist named Vincent Kao. He is famous for his most popular creations, which include Mondo Mango and Magical Boy. We will discuss his web comic series, Mondo Mango. It is a slice-of-life web comic based on himself. It follows the everyday adventures of the artists themselves, often focusing on the funny and relatable aspects of life.

His comic features a cast of quirky characters, including Kao’s partner CK and a dragon named GoGo, who is mostly seen as a mango. The stories are lighthearted and humorous, offering a heartwarming glimpse into the creator’s life. By doing so, he is able to reach an audience of 115,000 true followers on his Instagram account. We have collected his best 20 comics in the next gallery.

Credit: The Kao

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#1. Protection


#2. Light

#3. Popcorn


#4. Giving in

#5. Adapting


#6. Rejected

This amazing series portrays the hilarious misadventures of Mango, a cheerful and positive individual who wants to be a superhero. He is known for his charming art style, relatable humor, and heartwarming moments. His comics are typically four-panel and sweet, making them perfect for a quick read. His main goal is to make his audience laugh by sharing his hilarious experiences in the form of comics.

#7. Rainbow Madness


#8. Precious

#9. Decision Making


#10. Instant Ramen

#11. Ethnic Cuisine


#12. Pasta Shapes

#13. Take a step back


While the comics often focus on Kao’s experiences, showing moments in his relationships with friends and family adds warmth and a heartwarming touch to his comics. His supportive and humorous interactions showcase the importance of connection in everyday life. Hopefully, you enjoyed the blog. To enjoy yourself even more, click here and here.

#14. Hair

#15. Gains


#16. Shoe Rack

#17. The First Step


#18. Web Attack

#19. Sweet Panic


#20. Travelling gift

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