20 Times This Artist Captures the Adventures of His Life in Amusing Comics


Humor in the adventures of everyday life often revolves around finding amusement in the ordinary and mundane aspects of daily living. It can be relatable to people as it highlights the quirks, absurdities, and unexpected moments that we encounter in our routines. This type of humor often relies on observational comedy, exaggeration, wordplay, situational irony, or witty remarks to create laughter. It helps people find joy and laughter in the simple moments and challenges we all experience.

Kao is an illustrator and comic artist who creates art and comics about his life, including a series called Mondo Mango. Mondo Mango is a slice-of-life comic about the life of a young Filipino-American artist named Kao. The comic follows his experiences as he navigates life, love, and art. Kao Comics are known for their humor, heartwarming stories, and beautiful artwork. They have won numerous awards, including the Prism Award for Best Graphic Novel in 2020. He has 118,000 Instagram followers.

Artist Kao has a remarkable talent for capturing the adventures of his life through the lens of amusing comics. Through his unique artistic style and relatable storytelling, Kao brings to life the humor and charm of ordinary situations, making even the most mundane tasks a source of laughter and joy for his readers. Whether it’s a hilarious mishap during a morning commute, a comical encounter with a mischievous pet, or the amusing misunderstandings that arise in everyday conversations, Kao’s comics beautifully portray the humor inherent in the adventures of everyday life. If you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming, and visually stunning webcomic, then I highly recommend checking out his recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: The Kao

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#1. Inhaling love


#2. Good gone wrong

#3. The embrace


#4. Chicago spring

#5. Vocal dream


#6. Translator

#7. Shopping


#8. Squirrel

#9. Spicy


#10. Curious

#11. Soothing


#12. Brain storming

#13. Two types


#14. It begins

#15. Supervision


#16. Zoo

#17. Car ownership


#18. Short benefits

#19. Lost again


#20. Passage of time

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