20 Kao Comics Shows the Hilarious Adventures and Everyday Life

Life is full of worries and struggles. The best way to cope with such worries is to take a break from a busy life and enjoy some free time. The best way to enjoy comics. For this reason, we bring you another good collection of comics. Meet The Kao Comics, created by illustrator and comic artist Vincent Kao. His comics range from slice-of-life humor to magical adventures.

He is best known for his web comic, Mondo Mango. This fantastic series follows the hilarious misadventures of Mango, a cheerful and optimistic person who dreams of becoming a superhero. He currently has a huge audience of 116,000 on his Instagram account. If you want to enjoy your free time, then you have come to the right place because there is a good collection of comics for you in the following section.

Credit: The Kao

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#1. Terrifying Kiss

#2. Spooked

#3. Getting Ready

#4. Failure

#5. Clutter full

#6. Lazy Night

Mondo Mango is a slice-of-life comic about the life of a young Filipino-American artist named Kao. The web comic follows his journey through art, love, and life. Kao Comics is renowned for its charming tales, humor, and beautiful illustrations. He has received multiple honors, such as the 2020 Prism Award for Best Graphic Novel.

#7. Chop Sticks

#8. One Frequency

#9. Self Talk

#10. Math Stones

#11. Escape

#12. Sacrifices

#13. Thoughts

#14. Back Home

In addition to using his creativity to create a hidden universe of comics based on his everyday existence, he can use it to entertain people in real life. The characters he uses in his comics make them funny. He always draws comics with four panels. The easiest approach to dealing with anxieties is to read his comics. Hopefully, you enjoy the blog. To enjoy yourself even more, click here.

#15. Clothes

#16. Bookmark

#17. The moment

#18. Building Tolerance

#19. Tall People

#20. Water

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