20 The Awkward Yeti Comics Shows Battle Between Heart and Brain

The Awkward Yeti is a delightful world of comics and animations created by cartoonist Nick Seluk. He started this web comic in 2012. This series delves deeper into emotional themes, showcasing the inner dialogue between our heart’s desires and our brain’s logic. That’s why his comics are always amusing to his fans. By doing so, he currently has a huge audience of 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

He is best known for his Heart and Brain comics. His comics are mostly based on a charming duo representing the heart and brain’s internal struggle between emotions and rational thinking. The Awkward Yeti features daily comics with witty punchlines, often touching on everyday moments that relate to readers. Let’s explore some of his best comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy his previous posts on our website, then click here and here.

Credit: The Awkward Yeti

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#1. It can be therapeutic

#2. Want

#3. Are you okay?

#4. What’s wrong?

#5. Change

#6. Over reacting

It is a fantastic web comic that always leaves readers with a smile. His heart and brain as they struggle with emotions and responsibilities. His comics never fail to make us laugh. But it’s not just about the laughs. The Awkward Yeti often touches on deeper themes like friendship, loneliness, and self-acceptance, making it surprisingly heartwarming.

#7. Time for work

#8. New Beginnings

#9. Do it

#10. Motivation

#11. Crypto Currency

#12. Take a second

#13. Life is hard

#14. Terrible Things

The heart is passionate, impulsive, and easily swayed by feelings, while the brain is cautious, analytical, and prioritizes practicality. Their contrasting personalities lead to hilarious antics, insightful commentary on everyday life, and even deeper reflections on human nature. I hope everyone like these comics. Don’t forget to comment and share this blog. Have a great day.

#15. Universe

#16. Overwhelmed

#17. Stress

#18. Daily Care

#19. Happiness

#20. Trust the process

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