15 funny Comics that explain the endless Battle between Brain and the heart

The eternal struggle of passion against reason was hilariously illustrated by Nick Seluk, and these are the best images that show the heart against its rival, the brain.

The writer Miguel de Unamuno lamented that what would happen “if the reason were reasonable”: if only the brain could hear other reasons that came from other parts of the body, for example the heart. The cartoonist Nick Seluk wondered something similar and made a series of comic images that show the great differences between so-called rational thinking and emotional thinking .

Here you will see 15 funny Comics about the conflicts of reason and passion, personified by an emotional and cheerful heart in the company of a calculating and realistic brain.

#1 The Usual

#2 Lost

#3 The reply

#4 Just Not in it

#5 Skin Gives It Away

#6 Fun and games

#7 Well Fried

#8 Salty Sweet

funny comics
funny comics

#9 Acquired Taste

funny comics
funny comics

#10 Something new

#11 Scars

funny comics

#12 Never Enough

#13 Tick Tock

#14 Splenomegaly

funny comics

#15 Me Time

funny comics

#16 Attention

funny comics

#17 Blind Spot

funny comics

#18 lazy day

#19 Practice

funny comics

#20 baby Teeth

funny comics

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