20 Heart and Brain Comics Explore the Importance of Friendship

The Awkward Yeti is a webcomic and comic book series created by Nick Seluk. The comic is gag-a-day style and has been ongoing since 2012. Seluk posts the comic on his personal website and on Tapas, and he has also created spin-off comics on the website of The Awkward Yeti, including Heart and Brain and Medical Tales Retold. It follows the daily lives of an anthropomorphic heart and brain, while Medical Tales Retold repurposes real medical stories into comedic or touching comics.


Awkward Yeti was originally self-published as a children’s book in 2012, but as Seluk started to get attached to the character, he began creating more adult-oriented comic strips about Lars and uploading them on the Internet in September 2012. It follows the daily life of a blue yeti named Lars, who is often depicted as being awkward and socially anxious. The comic is known for heartwarming stories about friendship and self-acceptance. He currently has a huge audience of 1.9 million followers.

Lars is a complex and relatable character. He is kind and caring, but he is also shy and self-conscious. However, he has a strong sense of self-awareness and a desire to be a better person. This webcomic explores a variety of themes, including social anxiety, self-acceptance, and the importance of friendship. It is a comic strip that is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever felt awkward or out of place. It is a comic strip that is both funny and heartwarming, and it is a comic strip that teaches us to embrace our awkwardness and to love ourselves for who we are.

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Credit: The Awkward Yeti

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#1. Butterfly

#2. Poor Pancreas


#3. Producing Insulin

#4. Relax!


#5. Productivity

#6. Map


#7. Anxiety

#8. The Existential Dread!


#9. Vacation

#10. Ready to get back


#11. Active Behavior

#12. Different Issues


#13. Problems

#14. Friendship


#15. Escapism

#16. Hugs


#17. Habits

#18. So Positive


#19. Figure Out

#20. Thinking


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