20 Bella’s Comics Perfectly Illustrate the Everyday Struggles That Many People Face

In the vast realm of social media creativity, there’s a gem that sparkles brightly in the world of illustrations – Bella Maris. But who is Bella Maris, you might wonder? Well, she’s a Thai illustrator with roots firmly planted in Belgium, known for her captivating comics and illustrations that reflect our everyday encounters and relatable moments.

Her journey to artistic prominence started like many others – with a passion for drawing that bloomed at a young age. Bella’s childhood was adorned with doodles in the margins of notebooks, transforming into characters and stories as she grew. However, it was her move to Belgium that truly ignited her desire to share her art with the world. Bella Maris found her canvas on Instagram, where she set up shop to showcase her work. Little did she know that her illustrations, resonating with the daily struggles and humorous quirks of life, would strike a chord with over 113,000 followers and counting.

Credit: Bella Illustrations

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#1. Ever Experienced

#2. Halloween Decorations

#3. Relatable

#4. Selfie

#5. Can’t Choose

But what makes Bella’s comics stand out? It’s the uncanny ability to capture those everyday moments that often slip by unnoticed. From the chaos of morning routines to the comedy of navigating public transport, Bella’s illustrations mirror the daily grind in a way that instantly connects with her audience. Now, you might be wondering how Bella Maris conjures up these relatable gems. It’s a fascinating peek into the mind of an artist! Bella draws inspiration from the world around her. Her creative muse isn’t a mystical force but rather the ordinary events and emotions that make up our lives.

#6. Profile Picture

#7. Perfect Gift

#8. Plants

#9. During Pregnancy

#10. Pregnancy

#11. Mom Outfit

For her, inspiration can strike at any moment—while sipping coffee at a café, waiting in line at the grocery store, or simply observing people on the streets. She absorbs these moments like a sponge, letting them percolate in her mind until they morph into relatable comic strips that tug at our heartstrings and tickle our funny bones.

#12. Hilarious

#13. Real Life

#14. Hair Cut

#15. Kicks

#16. Holding Baby

#17. Jacket

Moreover, Bella Maris believes in the power of empathy. She finds beauty in shared experiences, and empathy forms the foundation of her storytelling. It’s not just about drawing funny situations; it’s about inviting her audience to nod and smile, recognizing themselves in the characters and scenarios she brings to life.

#18. Cooking

#19. Cringe Memory

#20. Feeding

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