The Italian Artist shows the true colors of cats, proving how cute they can be (Photo 30)

The Italian Artist shows the true colors of cats, proving how cute they can be (Photo 30)

When it comes to talking between dogs and cats, there are usually two types of people. Those who like the friendly, loving, loyal and sometimes passionate nature of dogs and those who love playful, dynamic but free company. We can’t deny the fact that they both have some amazingly unique qualities that make us love them, but at the same time, there are some things we can easily live without. But that’s normal, isn’t it? This time, however, talk more about cute but free felines

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As much as some of us like cat Company, we’ve probably heard phrases like “cats are selfish, cats don’t shine from their owners, cats aren’t traitors” and so on. But we know that none of this is true. By no means are they such things, but they are very cute and very friendly pets! But don’t worry, we’re not here to tell you that cats are better than dogs because the answer is not yet known.



We are here to give an example of a very talented artist who shows how much love and friendship cats can have. Margareta Grass is a painter and graphic designer currently living in Milan, Italy. She likes to represent the world around her with color and humor, with a focus on details that can only be seen with the naked eye. And similarly, she uses her abilities to show the true colors of cats that coexist with humans.



Whether they are dealing with children, playing with old cassette tapes while their beloved owner is listening to music, enjoying family trips, or just playing with other buds. In fact, all of Grasco’s parables are so cute that they can easily come from the pages of a children’s book.



























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