20 Grog Comics Never Fails to Amaze People With Surprising Twists

We are going to discuss a cartoonist who began creating cartoons on […]

We are going to discuss a cartoonist who began creating cartoons on the internet in 2003. We have published his articles before on Bored Comics, which you can enjoy by simply clicking here and here. Grog Comics is the name of the best comic strip, as you are all aware. The creator of this comic series is Patrick Grogan. He has always loved comic books, draws inspiration for his own tales and characters from them.

His comics have a reputation for their comedy and ability to capture the everyday ironies of life. They usually revolve around social situations, animals, and everyday life. There are several websites and newspapers where The Grog’s Comics have been published. His cartoons present a delightful look into the complex details of social situations and the humorous beauty of daily life. These are all carefully tied together with an element of humor that makes viewers happy.

Credit: The Grog Comics

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On Facebook, he has 130,000 followers. He says that many comic creators want to create something that will bring joy and laughter to others. In a similar way, his comics allow people to see his love of drawing and storytelling in his comics. We have collected his best comics for you to make your day better.

#1. Losing the memory

#2. That Burns

#3. Shot glass


#4. Need to stop

#5. Animal with long Neck

Patrick Grogan is a former IT geek who decided that drawing cartoons and making people laugh is much more fun than fixing bugs all day. Living in Northern California, his interests include hiking, camping, watching sci-fi and zombie movies, drinking microbrews, and sprinting through blackberry bushes in his underwear. These are the few pieces of personal information that he mentioned on his personal website.

#6. Really Bad new first


#7. Hair in the hamburger

#8. Want surgery to enlarge

#9. Wait a minute


#10. What’s Wrong?

#11. Slept with me

His regular setups include going grocery shopping or waiting for the bus, but he occasionally leaves little indications about strange behavior. Suspense about a potential twist is created by this. At the exact moment you think you know what’s about to happen, he delivers you an entirely unexpected surprise. Readers can connect to and laugh at these everyday moments as The Grog skillfully crafts them into adorable comic strips.

#12. Make your final wish


#13. Conversation between women

#14. Drank too much last night

#15. Beer before starts


#16. Give him this pill

#17. Pay tribute to the great man

#18. Put these on


#19. You can wait here

#20. How was your date?

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