Here are 20 Hilarious Grog Comics about Social Situations and Daily Life is a webcomic created by the Grog, a cartoonist who has […] is a webcomic created by the Grog, a cartoonist who has been creating comics online since 2003. The comics on are typically about social situations, animals, and daily life, and they are known for their humor and their ability to capture the everyday absurdities of life. The Grog’s comics have been featured on a variety of websites and publications. The comics found on offer a delightful glimpse into the intricacies of social situations and the comedic beauty of daily life, all woven together with a touch of humor that leaves audiences smiling.

One of the hallmarks of lies in its ability to capture the essence of everyday absurdities. The Grog masterfully weaves these ordinary moments into delightful comic strips that evoke a shared sense of laughter and recognition among readers. From comical interactions between friends and family to the antics of beloved pets, the webcomic shines a light on the humor found in even the most mundane situations. Whether exploring the complexities of human relationships or observing the idiosyncrasies of animals, each comic offers a fresh and relatable perspective on life’s oddities.

The Grog’s innate ability to find humor in the everyday brings an air of lightheartedness to the webcomic, making it a delightful source of entertainment and escapism for readers of all ages. With a staggering 132,000 followers on Facebook, has undeniably made its mark on the online comics community. The webcomic’s popularity and loyal fan base are testaments to The Grog’s talent for connecting with his audience on a personal level. As The Grog’s artistic journey continues, readers can eagerly anticipate more laugh-out-loud moments and a continued celebration of the beautiful and bizarre intricacies that make life so wonderfully absurd.

Credit: The Grog Comics

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#1. The father

#2. The wifi password

#3. My dog


#4. The uncanny ability

#5. Did you jump?

#6. Try these on


#7. The cheap bar

#8. Jonah and the whale

#9. Pill


#10. Drug effects

#11. The pocket

#12. You never listen


#13. Steroid effects

#14. Before it starts

#15. The exhausted husband


#16. The birthday wish

#17. The difficult layoff decision

#18. Ever say something


#19. The memory clinic

#20. The empty seat

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