20 Grog Comics Depicts Unexpected Twists to Make Us Laugh

The Grog Comics, a cartoonist who has been generating comics online since 2003, developed Grog Comics. His comics are typically about social situations, animals, and daily life, and they are noted for their wit and ability to portray life’s common absurdities. The Grog’s Comics have appeared on numerous websites and newspapers. His cartoons provide a pleasant peek into the complexities of social circumstances as well as the comical beauty of everyday life, all weaved together with a touch of humor that leaves audiences smiling. He has 130,000 Facebook followers.

Grog usually sets up typical settings, such as grocery shopping or waiting for the bus, but then drops small indications of something unusual. This creates suspense for a possible twist. Grog throws a completely unexpected curveball just when you think you know what’s going to happen. You can check out his best comics in the following gallery. You can also check his previous posts on Boredcomics by simply clicking here.

Credit: The Grog Comics

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#1. Test Results

#2. Bad News

The Grog Comics

#3. Problems

#4. Approaching Bear

#5. Disrespectful Son

The Grog Comics

The Grog expertly crafts these everyday moments into adorable comic strips that make readers laugh and relate together. The humor found in even the most mundane situations is highlighted in this webcomic, which features anything from hilarious interactions between friends and family to the antics of beloved pets. Every comic provides a novel and relatable viewpoint on life’s strangest things.

#6. Solution

#7. Gas Problem

#8. The Prognosis

The Grog Comics

#9. That’s Rude

#10. Second Opinion

The Grog Comics

#11. No Pressure

The Grog Comics

#12. Place

Grog’s amusement comes from the gap between the expected and the actual. Grog occasionally pokes fun at our presumptions or preconceptions. Grog’s timing is flawless. For maximum surprise and humorous effect, the punchlines are delivered just when they are needed. Overall, The Grog Comics show how well-executed unexpected twists may result in amusing and lasting comedy experiences.

#13. Hilarious

#14. The Ugly Baby

The Grog Comics

#15. Polar Bear

#16. Smart Pig

The Grog Comics

#17. Gold Fish

#18. Dog

The Grog Comics

#19. Psychiatrist

The Grog Comics

#20. Elephants

The Grog Comics

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