20 Hilarious Comics By Cartoonist Xibang Perfectly Captures Little Things About Life




In the vast realm of webcomics, there are artists who possess the extraordinary ability to capture the essence of everyday life in a humorous and relatable way. Cartoonist Xibang, the creative genius behind the webcomic series “See Bang Now,” is one such artist. Xiang is a “full-time dad and part-time comic artist” from Singapore. With a unique style and keen observational skills, Xibang’s comics are a delightful and witty portrayal of the little things that make life so amusing.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of Xibang and delve into some of their most hilarious comics that will leave you laughing and nodding in recognition. This talented cartoonist perfectly captures the little things that we all experience on a daily basis and does so in a way that is both witty and endearing. From the ups and downs of relationships to the struggles of adulthood, Xibang’s webcomic series See Bang Now is a treasure trove of humor and insight. He currently has an audience of 81,500 on Instagram.

One of the things that makes Xibang’s comics so great is their ability to tap into the universal experiences of daily life. With a distinctive style that is both bold and playful, Xibang’s comics are instantly recognizable. Each panel is packed with details that add to the overall humor and charm of the strip, and the use of color and shading is particularly effective in creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. All in all, Xibang’s See Bang Now is a must-read for anyone who appreciates clever humor and a keen understanding of the little things in life.

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Credit: See Bang Now

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#1. Life lessons

#2. Random song

#3. Death and coffee

#4. Roses are grey

#5. Inexplicably proud

#6. Beast mode

#7. Nothing to do

#8. What’s wrong?

#9. Too slow and too fast

#10. A family tradition

#11. Sad dog

#12. Training to failure

#13. No spoilers

#14. Conflicting schedules

#15. Sleeping early

#16. When i get paid

#17. Childhood

#18. Wish

#19. Over thinking interactions

#20. Dog vs cat

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