Artist often draw things about how short and important life is”: 30 humorous and sentimental comics by Xibang

Xiang is a “full-time dad and part-time comic artist” from Singapore who, simply put, creates comics about life, death, and everything in between. Through his work, the artist channels his feelings and thoughts about mortality, parenthood, and those little mundane things in life.

Bored Panda has already published two articles featuring Xibang’s illustrations of life with a cat and a dog. This time, we’re rounding up some of the best work on… well, everything. Scroll down to check out the funny and sentimental comics and let us know what you think in the comments!

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“I try to be positive and/or funny [but] I often draw things about how short and how important life is [also] because when you have a child, you start to think about those kinds of things—a lot. Then you get a little everything in my comics,” the artist revealed in a previous interview.




Xiang’s comics grab attention with their clean and simple style. However, the down-to-earth and related content makes one stick with them. Speaking of simple things that seem familiar to the core, the artist doesn’t forget to include a bit of darker, existentialist themes as well. All in all, these illustrations balance goofy humor and strong emotions, making them stand out from other works of a similar type.



The artist shared that he draws inspiration from internet culture and daily life. “Random snippets of everyday life, an unintentional pun, my hopes and fears for my son, a manga I binge-read before bed – all these elements inspire my cartoons. Well, or at least they inspire a list of note pages that I’m “supposed” to draw someday I’d love to draw things that are more relevant and relatable but honestly, I’m too busy (as a parent) to keep up with trends and too random to really be identifiable (as Sarah doodles).”




We asked Xibang why he is passionate about drawing comics. He replied that he stumbled upon drawing comics because he needed an outlet to be an “attention seeker” and, according to the artist, it’s not particularly interesting. “But looking at how shoddy my old job is making me passionate about improving my craft, whether it’s through better writing or art.”




After being asked if there is a message that Xibang wants to translate with his works, the artist told us that it is “too random to have a singular message for everyone”, but he does have some: be kind to animals, be kind to your friends and family. And be kind to yourself.”

“I’m really eager to know what people think of my work because I don’t want to compromise my future stuff. So most of the time I post a comic everywhere and disappear for a day or two. But luckily most of the reactions have been pretty nice, though there tends to be a lot of crying face emojis when I do a dog comic (sorry).”



Xiang’s full-time day job is usually fatherhood, but he also does a lot of things on a part-time basis: voiceover work, maintenance staff, administration, acting, and the list goes on. “I would love to make comics my full-time career, but that’s not in the cards right now.”

The artist added that he hopes to do more comics and possibly more animated videos! “And I’d like to thank everyone who reads my comics for their support and encouragement. Thank you!”



























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