20 Times This Artist Makes Horror Comics About Death, Dogs and Cats

If you love dark humor and horror comics, you have come to the right place because hardly anyone combines these two things better than this artist. The artist name is “Bang”. He has a great sense of dark humour. He is the owner of the “See Bang Now” on which he uploads comics strips regularly. His comics mostly consists of death, dogs, cats and even himself.

The artist says he started drawing to make people laugh, but eventually he started channeling his frustrations, worries and sneaky thoughts into his comics and he also says, “I think some people liked that”. He draws these funny comics because he loves to make his 79k fans laugh and if he can brighten their day a little, especially since real life can be pretty boring.

The artist knows how to balance strong emotions and the comics are as funny and loving as they are sad and sentimental. We have compiled some of his dark and horror comics in the gallery below. If you are dark humour lover then take a cup of tea and scroll down the section below.

Credit: See bang now

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