20 Comics by Xibang Where Humor Meets Insight and Daily Life Gets a Hilarious Makeover


Imagine a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where the little quirks of everyday life transform into laugh-out-loud moments. That’s precisely the whimsical realm crafted by the talented cartoonist Xibang. Buckle up as we venture into the realm of his comic genius, See Bang Now, a treasure trove of relatable humor and profound insight.

Xibang, the creative powerhouse behind See Bang Now, has an uncanny knack for capturing life’s rollercoaster ride through rib-tickling comics. With a whopping 80,200 followers on Instagram, his comics have become a beacon of joy for thousands, and it’s easy to see why!

What sets Xibang’s comics apart is their incredible ability to tap into the universal experiences of our daily lives. You know those moments when you’re stuck in traffic, navigating the perils of a first date, or even battling the eternal struggle of folding fitted sheets? Xibang doesn’t just illustrate them; he turns them into uproarious anecdotes that resonate with all of us.

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Credit: See Bang Now

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#1. Me and The Universe


#2. Expensive Coffee

#3. Intrusive Thoughts


#4. Hats

#5. Wrong Side of Town


His distinctive style is a burst of boldness and playfulness that’s instantly recognizable. Each panel is a meticulously crafted masterpiece, brimming with details that amplify the humor and charm. But what truly elevates his work is the ingenious use of color and shading, which breathes life into his characters and adds depth to their adventures.

#6. Sleeping to loose fat

#7. Unhappy Moment


#8. Studied Overseas

#9. Confidence!


Xibang’s comics are more than just chuckle-inducing; they’re a mirror reflecting the hilarious chaos of our lives. Relationships, adulthood woes, triumphs, and tumbles—everything finds a place in his strips. And the best part? You’ll find yourself nodding in agreement, saying, “Oh, that’s so me!” more times than you can count.

#10. Making a Comic (Part 1)

#11. Part 2


#12. Part 3

#13. Dogs keep you busy


#14. Monster

#15. Intrusive Dad Thoughts


#16. Let’s Party

See Bang Now isn’t just a comic; it’s a delightful rendezvous with the essence of life itself, wrapped in wit and understanding. It’s a gentle reminder to laugh at the absurdities, embrace the chaos, and revel in the beauty of our shared experiences. So, if you’re someone who relishes clever humor and appreciates the finer details of existence, Xibang’s See Bang Now is your ultimate haven. Prepare to laugh, to nod knowingly, and to appreciate the sheer brilliance of a cartoonist who turns the mundane into a carnival of giggles.

#17. Maybe Next Time Legs


#18. Happy Mother’s Day

#19. Too Slow and Too Fast


#20. No Spoilers

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