20 Runa’s Story Comics Sums Up Moments From Her Life with Her Husband

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Comics about relationships find humor in the relatable situations of everyday married life. These comics capture those little moments and arguments most couples experience. We can see ourselves in these comics, which makes us laugh at the familiarity. That’s why we bring you another such good collection of comics. For this, you have to stay with us and continue scrolling to enjoy this blog.


Let me introduce you to an Instagram account with the username Runa’s Story. This Instagram account is famous for creating comics about how Runa and her husband find humor in the relatable situations of everyday married life. By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 1,157 followers on her Instagram account. If you are a couple and want to enjoy adorable moments, then you must watch the following gallery.

Credit: Runa’s Story

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#1. Watching

image 2079

#2. Help You

image 2080

#3. Christmas Presents

image 2081

#4. Power Walk

image 2082

#5. Sale

image 2083

#6. Babe

image 2084

Basically, her comics always revolve around Rudy and Anna. By combining these two names, she got the title for her Instagram account, Runa. Rudy is the name of her husband, while Anna is the name of the creative female author behind this comic series. They both do silly things and capture them in adorable comics to make people feel relatable.

#7. Shops

image 2085

#8. Sneaking

image 2086

#9. Hiding

image 2087

#10. Periods

image 2090

#11. So Soft

image 2091

#12. Love Letter

image 2092

#13. Help Cleaning

image 2093

#14. Anniversary

image 2094

They both live in Australia. She started this comic series in 2020. They have been together for more than four years. Their comics cover a lot more than just the adorable and humorous aspects of romantic relationships. They also show the difficulties, highs, and lows that couples experience. If you find this blog interesting, then do not forget to share it.

#15. Sneakers

image 2095

#16. Working

image 2096

#17. Magic Potion

image 2097

#18. Future

image 2098

#19. WhatsApp

image 2099

#20. Cleaning

image 2100

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