20 Dark Dystopia Comics Based on Dark Humor Jokes to Make You Laugh

One of the most creative and appealing artists on Instagram is Dark Dystopia Comics, which is an online platform that has made it possible for artists to show their work to a wider audience. It was made by Andrés Londoño, who is a Colombian cartoonist and illustrator. He used to publish dark comedy cartoons on his Facebook page under the name Dark Dystopia. Several of his earlier comics are still accessible online.

regardless of the fact that he has since stopped making new comics. Approximately 54,000 individuals are following him on Instagram. He currently resides in Germany and works in another artistic profession as a graphic designer. Comics by the artist are no longer being produced. He’s always enjoyed using drawings to tell stories, and web comics provided him with a new medium to do it. Some of his best comics are included in the section that follows.

Credit: Dark Dystopia

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#1. Responsibilities

#2. Vegan

#3. Get It


#4. Hang Up

#5. Little Game

#6. Addiction


he creator started making web comics because he loved drawing, but he really enjoyed reading and viewing a lot of popular web comics online. His comic strips include bizarre characters, absurd circumstances, twisty ends, and occasionally harsh humor. The ability of the artist to take complicated as well as difficult concepts and transform them into something lovely and interesting is extraordinary.

#7. Life is a Mess

#8. Main Goal

#9. Classic girlfriend move


#10. Chicken Joke

#11. Red Bull

#12. My experience with the internet so far


#13. Every single time

#14. True Story

The creator consistently creates four-panel comics, which he regularly shares on Instagram. He believes that the primary motivation for capturing dark humor in comics is the broad appeal of these artworks. He generally communicates with his followers in the comment section to find out what their favorite things are. We really hope you all like his drawings. To view more comics of this kind, feel free to click Here And Here.

#15. Eating


#16. Baby Boomers

#17. Switch

#18. Awkward Situations


#19. Do Not Forget

#20. Galactic bullying

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