20 Times Female Artist Aylia Shows Liberal Stereotypes in a Relatable Way

Reasons My Friends Hate Me is an Instagram account by artist Aylia Colwell. The account features comics about social anxieties and the stereotype of the liberal arts friend. She discusses realistic scenarios that can result in conflict among friends using humor. Even though social awkwardness can make you laugh, it’s important to keep in mind that real friends are going to accept you for who you are.


She says if you find yourself constantly relating to the content and it starts to bring you down, it might be helpful to explore positive aspects of your friendships and focus on building stronger connections. The artist has 5,197 Instagram followers. She further says that talking to your friends about your anxieties can help them understand you better and build stronger connections. Let’s take a look at some of her recent comics.

Credit: Reasons my friends hate Me

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#1. Sweet Love


#2. Human Kids


#3. Teach me

#4. Wasting my time


#5. So Embarrassing

#6. So much pain


She says that she faces such situations, and at that time, she has no one to understand her. In order to get through this, she started making comics. Later, she realized what it would be like if she used her comics to show situations that happened to her in an amusing way. So that others can relate to her comics and feel motivated.

#7. Cried so Far

#8. Just Thinking


#9. Hug

#10. Hurt


#11. So Relatable

#12. Valentines Day


#13. Should Smile

#14. Productive Day


#15. Over React

She uses humor to explore situations that could cause amusement or awkwardness among friends. It’s important to remember that social situations can be complex, and what one person finds funny, another might not. Hopefully, you people can relate to her comics if you ever go through such situations. For more such content, you can visit our website on a regular basis because we bring new comics to you every day.

#16. Looks Different


#17. Stop Talking

#18. Merry Christmas


#19. One More Episode

#20. Making Friends


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