20 Bloome Comics Based on Girls Expectations Versus Realities

Bloome Comics is a web comic series created by brilliant female artist Hanna Bloome. She is the artist who creates comics based on girls’ everyday life expectations versus reality. She mostly draws herself as a character in her comics in order to show relatable situations to girls. Her comics depict the relatable and often humorous situations faced by a young woman experiencing everyday life.


Her Instagram account has 128,000 followers, which is a large following. Many subjects are covered in her drawings, such as friendships, mental health, self-love, and day-to-day problems. Anyone who has ever experienced life being overly stressful will be able to relate to Hanna’s comics because of her charming and emotional artwork. In the part that follows, we have gathered her top 20 illustrations. Continue reading if you want to appreciate these comics.

Credit: Bloome Comics

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#1. Too Loose

#2. Face mask


#3. So true

#4. Understand


#5. Instagram

#6. Baby Pictures


She is a brilliant Ukrainian artist who truly is a master in her chosen field and excellent at capturing the highs and lows of daily life, especially in her relatable and eye-catching comics. She mostly creates two-panel comics. In one panel, she shows the expectations girls have, and in the other panel, she shows the realities that happen to most of the girls.

#7. Relatable

#8. Want more sleep


#9. Good Day

#10. Hilarious


#11. Snapchat

#12. Applying Oil


#13. Arms

#14. Worst Saying


Although she is active on several social media sites, her Instagram account is a fantastic opportunity to see her most recent creations and get an understanding of her creative process. In her Instagram Stories, she also offers beauty tips and tricks that highlight original and reasonably priced ways to improve your appearance. If you want to enjoy more of her comics, then be sure to visit Here and Here.

#15. Generational Difference

#16. Very True


#17. Mirror Selfie

#18. Periods


#19. Getting Ready

#20. Height Difference


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