A Ukrainian Artist Navigates the Ups and Downs in Everyday Life of a Young Woman (20 comics)




Life as a young woman is filled with both beautiful moments and trying times. These comics serve as a mirror to reality, capturing the essence of what it’s like to navigate the complex world of relationships, career aspirations, personal growth, and self-discovery. It’s an exploration of the unique journey of a young woman in today’s ever-evolving society. Humor is often a trusted companion in these comics. It’s the laughter that punctuates the moments of chaos and brings levity to the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Bloome, the talented Ukrainian artist, is indeed an expert in the field of art that navigates the ups and downs of everyday life, particularly through her unique and visually captivating works. With a distinctive artistic style, Bloome’s creations often delve into the experiences, emotions, and challenges of individuals as they journey through the complexities of daily life. Let’s explore some of her best illustrations in the next section. If you are willing to delve into some of her previous articles, then click here and here.

Credit: Bloome Comics

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#1. Trying To Sleep

#2. Relatable

#3. Years Ago vs Now

#4. Period

#5. Bright Makeup

Hanna Bloo has created a series of comics depicting what’s happening in Ukraine, where she volunteered. Her comics are a mix of humor and satire, and they often highlight the struggles of everyday life. Bloome Comics is a great way to stay up-to-date with her latest work and to support her career as a comic artist. Bloome Comics has a significant following on Instagram, with over 134,000 followers. Hanna Bloo posts photos and videos on her account, which often feature her comics. Her Instagram account is a great way to stay up-to-date with her latest work and get a glimpse into her creative process.

#6. Being Short

#7. Morning Run

#8. Peers

#9. Different Shades

#10. Long Nails

#11. Too Tight

Hanna Bloo has a Patreon page where she creates comics and animation. Her Patreon page is a great way to support her work and get access to exclusive content and experiences. Becoming a member of Bloome Comics on Patreon is recommended for fans of her work who want to support her career as a comic artist. The web comic follows the everyday life of a young woman named Bloome as she navigates the ups and downs of dating, work, and friendship. Bloome’s work is known for its humor, its relatability, and its heartwarming moments.

#12. Shipping Charges

#13. Different Perspectives

#14. Then vs Now

#15. Evolution of Eyebrows

#16. Solving Problems

#17. Salary

The relatability of Bloome’s art is a significant aspect of her work, as it often mirrors the experiences of her audience. Her comics and illustrations capture the humor, heartwarming moments, and even the challenges faced by young women. This relatability serves as a source of connection and empathy, allowing viewers to see their own lives reflected in her art.

#18. Finally

#19. Guilty

#20. Dad vs Me

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