20 Stupid Shiki Comics Shows Her Hilarious Everyday Life Moments to Amuse You

Shiki’s Stupid Comics is an Instagram account that was created by a Tunisian artist named Shiki Wong. She is a female artist who is a motion designer by profession. She describes herself as an artist who creates stupid comics. Her comics are known for relatable humor and often feature slice-of-life situations. She is an artist who creates comics about hilarious and awkward moments that happen in her everyday life.


She generally portrays herself in her comics as a young girl dealing with many difficult situations in her daily life. Her comics humorously portray the artist’s everyday struggles and embarrassing situations with her family. There are 2,200 users who follow her on Instagram. The section that follows has some of her best comic strips. By watching her comics, you will definitely see that these situations happen to us as well.

Credit: Stupid Shiki

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#1. Date


#2. Experience as Foreigner


#3. Cute Dress

#4. Memory


#5. Listening

#6. Childhood


There is not a central character, but the comics mostly show a young woman with short, dark hair who is the author’s self-insert. She basically creates comics based on her experiences because she believes that these situations also happen to almost all of us. Her art style is simple but expressive, with clear lines and cartoony characters.

#7. Problems

#8. Loneliness


#9. Both Green

#10. The struggle is real


#11. Today’s Lesson

#12. Delicate situation


#13. Young vs Adult

#14. Black Head


#15. League of Legends

While the title might call them stupid, the comics are quite funny and touch on common experiences we all have. Whether it’s having trouble focusing or feeling uncomfortable in social situations, Shiki’s comics humorously depict these situations. Hopefully, you people will also find her comics enjoyable. You are welcome to return often to our website for more such content.

#16. Hilarious


#17. What are you doing?

#18. Squid Game


#19. Nightmares

#20. Hate Fall


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