20 Fabulous Comics by Greg Eales That Promote Positivity and Self-Care




Let me introduce you to a place where spooky meets smiley, where ghosts aren’t just the eerie figures of the night but your go-to pals for positive vibes. Enter the enchanting world of Positively Ghostly, an online comic strip conjured up by the creative wizardry of Greg Eales. A ghost named Oliver leads a crew of creepily charming men who hold onto your hats—these aren’t your typical haunters of haunted houses. No, sir! Oliver and his gang are on a mission to spread something much more potent than fear—positivity, self-care, and self-love.

What makes these specters so special? Well, for starters, they’ve got a knack for offering advice that’s not just helpful but also heartwarming. Life, for them, isn’t just about floating through walls or giving you the shivers; it’s about navigating the ups and downs with a grin and a dose of encouragement.

Credit: Positively Ghostly

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#1. Trick or Treat

#2. April Showers Bring May Flowers

#3. How to Stay Positive

#4. The Secret Ingredient of Friendship

#5. More Gloom than Doom

Oliver, the friendly ghost at the helm, brings a whole new meaning to spectral charm. He’s the face of Positively Ghostly, guiding readers through a world where every eerie corner holds a nugget of wisdom. Alongside Oliver are his trusty crew—each one adding their own unique touch to the cosmic cauldron of positivity.

#6. No Bad Eggs

#7. Jim Grim Mondays

#8. April Fools!!

#9. Oliver Meets the Soul of Artificial Intelligence!

#10. Sprung About Spring

#11. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

What sets this ghostly gang apart is their ability to tackle life’s challenges with a grin wider than a graveyard. They’re not immune to adversity, but they’ve mastered the art of staying positive when the going gets tough. From offering sage advice on self-love to sharing quirky perspectives on the mysteries of life, each strip is a testament to their dedication to spreading good vibes.

#12. Past Demons

#13. Going to do GREAT THINGS today and not be WEIRD

#14. Don’t Be a Grim Reaper

#15. Freedom of Expression

#16. Mug of Motivation

And guess what? The magic of Positively Ghostly isn’t just confined to a few lucky souls stumbling upon it. Nope! This comic strip has gathered quite a spirited following, boasting a whopping 4,347 followers on social media. That’s right, these positive poltergeists have captured the hearts of many, proving that a little spectral cheer can go a long, long way. So, if you’re ever in need of a dose of positivity, don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeking counsel from Oliver and his ghoulish gang.

#17. Who Ordered the Anxiety?

#18. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day!

#19. Plaguey’s Valentine Poem

#20. Positively Ghostly and Pigigi Comics Team Up!

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