20 Times Cartoonist Ellen Woodbury Captures Daily Life Experiences with Her Family

Let me introduce you to a comic book creator who specializes in capturing situations that happen in everyday life. Pizza Cake Comics is a web comic series created by Ellen Woodbury, also known online as @pizzacakecomic. Her comics are known for their relatable humor, often depicting Ellen’s daily life experiences with her family, cats, and inner thoughts. She creates short, four-panel comics in a simple and decent style.

In 2015, she started creating comics as a means of expressing her creativity and humor. Pizza Cake Comics quickly gained popularity for their relatable, humorous, and inspirational comics. In her work, the artist regularly combines humor, comedy, charming visuals, and captivating storytelling. She has 36,400 Instagram followers as of right now. The following section contains a collection of her best comics. Simply scroll down to the area below to view these comics.

Credit: Pizza Cake Comics

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#1. Facebook hard at work to keep us safe

#2. Again

#3. Move on

#4. Full time job

#5. Freedom

#6. There are 2 types of cats

The main character, Ellen, is often depicted as stressed, sleep-deprived, and prone to overthinking. Ellen’s two tabby cats are named Milo and Luna, who are both adorable and chaotic. Ellen’s husband, who rarely appears in the comics but is often the subject of jokes, and her mom make occasional appearances and are known for their honesty.

#7. Complex Issue

#8. What are you doing?

#9. Health Care

#10. Beautiful Lady

#11. Public Figure

#12. Great Doll

#13. Cleaning Fun

#14. Watching

#15. Law Suit

Her talent for making comics that personally connect with readers can be seen on her Instagram account. The artist discusses love, friendship, family, and mental health a lot. Her work is refreshing and relatable. Pizza Cake Comics is a great comic series to read if you’re searching for something lighthearted and realistic. For her earlier work on Bored Comics, feel free to click here and here.

#16. Over Priced

#17. Period Cramps

#18. Therapy

#19. Doctor Google

#20. Sleeping Lately

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