Here are 25 Relatable Comics About Daily Struggles by “Pizza Cake Comics”

Life involves struggles on a daily basis, so it makes sense that comics that depict those battles have become so popular. Comics are a fantastic medium for expressing everyday struggles and adding humor to routine circumstances. Numerous gifted creators make use of their platforms to produce comics that connect with their readers and foster a feeling of solidarity in confronting common challenges. Life can be difficult, and occasionally it seems as though the world is working against us.

Let me introduce you to a comic book creator called “Ellen” who specializes in such subjects. She is best known for her “Pizza Cake Comics” webcomic series. She began making comics in 2015 as a means to laugh and express their creativity. Pizza Cake Comics soon became well-known for its humorous, uplifting, and relatable comics. The artist frequently uses witty comedy, adorable illustrations, and endearing storytelling in her work. She currently has 26,400 Instagram followers.

One of the defining features of her comics is her ability to create comics that resonate with people on a personal level. The artist often touches on topics such as love, friendship, family, and mental health. Her work is refreshing and relatable, and it’s not uncommon to see fans tag their friends in the comments section, saying, “This is so us!” The artist’s Instagram account is filled with a variety of comics, including short one-panel jokes, longer story arcs, and even some animated comics. She also occasionally posts illustrations and sketches, giving fans a glimpse into her creative process. You can check her recent 20 illustrations in the next section.

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Credit: Pizza Cake Comics

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#1. Shower

#2. Research

#3. Announcers

#4. Robbery

#5. Waiting room

#6. My daughter needs therapy now

#7. Tragic

#8. He’s the best

#9. A good joke

#10. Brave

#11. There’s a new superhero in town!

#12. So rude

#13. X-ray

#14. Bless you

#15. Best friends

#16. Dark past

#17. Cookie

#18. This is it

#19. Career day

#20. Communicate

#21. The best comic

#22. The adventures of my two cats

#23. Spone bob

#24. Heavens!

#25. Religious comics

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