20 Times This Artist illustrates about Family Life and Her Daily Struggles which everyone can relate

These days, a lot of artists are beginning to express themselves via their work. For example, “Pizza Cake Comics” has amusing and fascinating details about its creator’s life. The creator of the comic book series, “Ellen”, uses her comics to communicate her inner monologues and to depict her life with her two gorgeous kitties, family, and friends.

Today we’ll be presenting a collection of ironic comics by Ellen, who began making comics about her daily life. She also creates cat-themed comics. Cats are well-known for making everything appear more dramatic than it is, and owning one can be both a blessing and a curse at times. She now has a following of 20,700 on Instagram.

Although Ellen’s comics cover a wide range of topics, her tabby cat frequently appears in them. Comics by the artist show scenarios like working from home with a cat. Her comics are great if you want hilarious, relatable, and uplifting material. From her incredible collection, we’ve selected some of the funniest illustrations. View them in the gallery down below.

Credit: Pizza Cake Comics

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