Here are 20 Brand-New Hilarious and Relatable Comics By “Pervis Comics”




In recent years, relatable comics have become especially well-liked. Comics have long been a popular storytelling tool. These comics examine commonplace experiences and feelings in a way that connects with a broad audience and frequently helps us feel less alone in our struggles. The viewer can identify with a comic’s depiction of commonplace events if it is relatable. They aim to provoke thought, laughter, and a sense of empathy in the audience. 

The creator of Pervis Comics, a motivational speaker and author located in Los Angeles, started making comics in 2017 to express his ideas and experiences about life. Since then, fans all over the world have connected with his comics because they enjoy his witty and humorous take on daily life. On social media, his comics are frequently shared and reshared because so many people can relate to the situations he portrays. His use of bold colors and clean lines adds to the comic’s eye-catching and alluring allure. He currently has an audience of 47,200 Instagram followers.

What sets Pervis Comics apart from other artists is their ability to take everyday situations and turn them into something hilarious. From dealing with anxiety to navigating relationships, Pervis Comics covers a range of topics that are relatable to people from all walks of life. His comics are not only funny but also thought-provoking, often leaving the viewer with a new perspective on life. We have compiled his best 20 illustrations in the next section. Take a cup of tea and scroll down to the section below.  I hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

Credit: Pervis Comics

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#1. Skill unlocked

#2. Like what?

#3. Work done

#4. Actually affordable

#5. Very handsome

#6. Accepting compliments

#7. Creative energy

#8. Somebody help

#9. Goal

#10. Thank you pervis

#11. What a deductible is?

#12. Fortune teller

#13. Hard day

#14. Verifiable reasons

#15. Deserve love

#16. Sike!

#17. Ruined my day

#18. Overwhelming burden

#19. Dating

#20. Bare minimum

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