An Artist “Dre” Depicts Her Typical Feminine Issues, Which Many Women can Relate to (20 comics)

Girls never let us down with their distinctive and enigmatic attractions. There are a lot of men in the world. Don’t you want your daughters to be the most unique they have ever been? Let’s take a seat and consider allowing them the opportunity to behave somewhat gracefully. It’s time for us to introduce you to Dre, a super slay artist whose works are eye-catching and full of random jokes and clever puns.

Dre is the owner of the webcomic series “Randomninjakitty.” With her unique style and honest approach, Dre has amassed a dedicated following, especially among young women who can relate to her feminine issues. Dre’s comics focus on a range of topics that women deal with on a day-to-day basis, such as body image, relationships, and mental health. Her comics are a mixture of humor, vulnerability, and relatability, making her audience feel seen and heard.

On Instagram, she currently has a massive 95,700 followers. Women inhabit a totally distinct world. In comparison to the world of men, ours is much more complicated and mysterious. Even though others may not be able to comprehend them, we not only view everything from a different angle but also deal with various other kinds of circumstances and issues. This girl is devoted to creating or drawing comics, and the subject of these is her feminine problems, those that she lives with daily and those that many other women also deal with. You can’t overlook them, and it is a lot of fun. From the beginning, you will be able to recognize yourself.

By clicking here and here, you can also enjoy some of her previous posts on boredcomics.

Credit: Randomninjakitty

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#1. Drives like an Uber driver

#2. The one that got away

#3. Good thing

#4. An artist

#5. For a T-shirt

#6. My friends

#7. That was so nice

#8. Okay damn

#9. Scary movies

#10. Loveable as a child

#11. Hoooneeeeyy

#12. Be a huge bitch

#13. Before vs after

#14. Splash!

#15. Wear shorts

#16. Please come back

#17. Go to a doctor

#18. You can take it

#19. Drink shower water

#20. She vs he

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