This artist captures relatable daily challenges faced by women through 20 insightful comics

Women are a completely different universe, our world is very different from that of men, it is much more complex and full of mysteries. We not only see everything from a different perspective, but we also face other types of different situations and problems, even if they seem unable to understand it.

However, a 20-year-old illustrator who goes by the name Dre, but calls herself TheRandomNinjaKitty, does an incredible job with which she makes absolutely all the girls feel identified, she even has 97000 fans on her Instagram account.

This girl is dedicated to creating or drawing comics and the theme of these are her feminine problems, those that she lives daily and that also with which many other women deal with. It is very fun and you cannot miss them, enjoy them. You will identify yourself from the first moment.

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With a passionate following and a growing community, Dre’s comics have become a source of camaraderie, laughter, and validation for women seeking to navigate the complexities of their own universe. As you delve into her creations, you’ll instantly find moments that make you nod in recognition and chuckle with the familiarity of it all. Dre’s comics are not just about art; they’re about the unique sisterhood that binds women together, transcending borders and backgrounds.








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