This Artist’s 20 Relatable Comics Portray Daily Struggles as a Woman

Whatever your point of view, it is undeniably true that being a woman requires a lot of effort. We all face problems on a daily basis that we cannot escape. What other option do we have than to carry on? Of course, I turned them into amusing comments for the other women to enjoy and laugh at. A similar artist uses her comics to illustrate similar concepts. Dre is a 20-year-old comic artist who creates hilarious comics about her daily struggles as a woman.

A new webcomic called “Random Ninja Kitty” is what we’d like to introduce to you. This isn’t a comic about a kitty ninja. However, it becomes just as arbitrary as the name suggests, which is why Dre chose to add two additional words to the comic book’s name at random. In spite of the humor, Dre says her slice-of-life comics feature “friends, cats, possums, skeletons, a very sad brain, girl stuff, and more.”

The cartoonist frequently includes her friends and animals in her works in addition to doing cartoons about herself. Her cartoons cover anything from fashion choices to more introspective issues like shyness and overthinking—things that aren’t always discussed in public. On Instagram, the creator has amassed more than 97,000 followers who adore her comics’ sporadic humor and innovative jokes. The section that follows includes some of her most recent and relatable jokes. I hope you’ll find these comics entertaining.

Credit: Random Ninja Kitty

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