Here are 20 Hilarious Comics about Relatable Daily Life Situations by an MBA Student

You can use the Internet, a virtual world and fantastic source of amusement, to spice up your life when you find it monotonous and exhausting. We also know that you never pass up an opportunity to laugh, so among the countless internet humor resources, we’d like to recommend the hilarious comics by “Carbcomics.” The popular Instagram account Carb Comics, which combines humor and a passion for carbs, has over 13,200 followers.


An Indian guy, his girlfriend, his closest buddy, and numerous other metaphorical characters are featured in this humorous webcomic. This comic’s creator opted to remain anonymous for the benefit of his readers. When it comes to creating new characters and themes, “CarbComics” creator has a distinct viewpoint on comic book art and doesn’t want to fit into any preconceived notions. Carb Comics’ comedy is straightforward and relatable. Each comic is a mirror of our everyday lives, and the artist uses her clever captions to catch the essence of each situation.

The drawings on Carb Comics are straightforward, which sets it apart from other Instagram profiles. Each comic is made with just a few lines and simple shapes, but they are still able to successfully communicate the message. It’s not surprising that Carb Comics has attracted such a large audience because of the comics’ approachable, minimalistic art style. The following part contains a collection of 20 recent comics. Grab a coffee and scroll down to the section below if you want to appreciate these comics.

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Credit: Carb Comics

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#1. Global warming

#2. Power hierarchy of multiple events


#3. No means no

#4. Your child is sour


#5. Seriously deserve it

#6. Tomorrow is a mystery


#7. So many languages

#8. I just got fired


#9. God’s brain

#10. I meant poop!


#11. Your skin is so dry

#12. Introverts


#13. Out of chloroform

#14. Ice cream


#15. Any doubts?

#16. Grant me a wish


#17. Tooth paste

#18. Ladies fingers


#19. Bored

#20. P.U.B.G


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